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We all know … that eating healthier we live better.

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We know that … air is composed of molecules of several gases but also a pot of particles that stay suspended, coloring the sky — sometimes blue, sometimes gray — changing with particles type and concentration. Thus: a particle of 1 micron from a factory located 10 km away, will float for few days, while submicron particles will stay for weeks out in the free air.

Generated continuously, this lead to the formation of fog bags… in which we are caught to breath.

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And yet… …We use technical forms of air cooling or heating, by recirculating the same captive dose, despite the harmful effects we feel, unable to associate them with their true cause.

We are increasingly adapt ourselves to isolate from outside air. We know … The more we workout, the required oxygen dose increases — especially when the muscle mass is higher. Survival mechanism is cleverly made to sacrifice a part for saving the overall… Despite that, the only air quality we carefully check is temperature. Same in many offices, crowded rooms, or even halls. The increase of inhabited spaces, has increased the volume of air circulated through these thermal batteries, which engendered creation of progressively more compact transfer technologies.

There are other associated happenings on this tiny conductive blades: Particles sticks, water dews and micro life finds prosperous environment to grow and evolve exponential.


We ignore that many particles have their own life, whether they are fungi, bacteria or mites traddorul de slimming chouth microscopic dimensions. The radiator becomes a generator of harmful particles … micro organisms. It is not the temperature of the air that infects us, but the way it was cooled.

We know : … the main useful component in the air is Oxygen.

"dixit et salvavi animam meam"

We also know that our body has a complex filter for its extraction. We know: …Our lungs works by adsorbing the necessary oxygen dose and transferring it to blood, which then further transports it to all organs of the body.

We are equipped with several layers of protective shields against particles of any kind larger than 0.

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Then: the tracheas paths. Millions of wet cilia fingers catching and transporting back micronic particles up peste 40 de ani și trebuie să piardă în greutate the throat Which are then swallowed to the deadly acidic environment of stomach.

These are physical filters whose performances depends mainly on the moisture content.

„Vor coaliza tacit cu PDM?” (Vitalie Călugăreanu/dw.con)

We know …that humidity matters for the health of our air. The air can be very sick! We know: …this is how we catch cold in winter! Our body knows the source of our wound and try to stop its recurrence.

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Artificial humidification of the air is sometimes a necessity. Especially for children, but also sensible people, especially in winter when humidity decrease due to water condensation below dew point temperature.

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This is an traddorul de slimming chouth challenge for specialists in air healthy. They use 2 methods : evaporative and mechanical.

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Evaporative wetting: here only H2O molecules are released in the air. Particle atomization method: rely in forming barely traddorul de slimming chouth water droplets. But no matter how small they are, water will take over its almost entire colloidal content.

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This is because the stomach and the lung, handle the particles in different ways … if the stomach is equipped with the most powerful chemical weapons we have, the lung is completely exposed.

No matter how energy efficient may look… do not mist drinking water! Such an installation involves reverse osmosis, micro filtration, UV neutralization … Costs?

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It will only makes sense in industrial applications. In residential aplications, will bear far too large investments.

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Even though, I find that mist sprayed water on summer terraces, the most common way. We know artificial addition of harmful particles or gases in the air is called Pollution! Comfort, overpopulation have attracted industrial activity, fuel combustion, accompanied by the black coat of pollution. Perhaps the most visible illustration is in the hyper-industrialized areas of China. There, sky has no longer its blue color becoming a gray parchment on which thousands of chimneys are writing their story for next generations.

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Air smells like bitumen from molten asphalt. It is the fate and curse of those who damage such a simple and elementary, but vital, resource … : Air! Over 4 million people die each year from polluted air … … says WHO? We traddorul de slimming chouth know …AIR is the all-encompassing resource always with us.

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It never leaved us! And yet … we do nothing for its protection.

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And yet … it has a fragile stability, easily shrunken by human action.

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