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An internationally recognized expert in weight loss, Virgin has appeared on The Doctors, the Rachael Ray Show and Today, among many other programs, and blogs frequently for the Huffington Post, Prevention magazine, and Livestrong. Numerous studies show that sugar can be addictive and pro-inflammatory and lead to a number of devastating illnesses.

5 Fat Burner Supplements (That Actually Work!)

If you want a better brain, I highly recommend this book. Amen, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life "Opens your eyes to how much sugar you're really eating, and provides an actionable plan to cut down on the sweet stuff and feel better fast.

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This book is life changing! You will never look at sugar the same way again.

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She delivers a hard-hitting, no-holds-barred, crystal clear message on how to identify and eliminate the astounding and myriad forms sugars have taken in our diets. Follow her advice and you will discover answers to why weight and rev burner fat can prove so elusive despite the best intentions.

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Cookbook "In her groundbreaking new book, Rev burner fat Virgin definitively settles the debate on sugar and shows us how it wreaks havoc on our health and waistline. She provides simple yet novel strategies to remove the enemy and become the lean and energetic person you were meant to be.

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Highest recommendation.

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